Web Design

This website was made from scratch.

Web Programming

This is a web game created to test users on their ability to recognize the weapons sounds from Call of Duty: Black Ops II. It was designed to work on webkit-based browsers (Chrome and Safari) and may or may not work properly in other browsers. It may take a moment for all the assets to load in depending on your internet connection speed. All assets used are the intellectual property of their respective owners.


This blackjack game was written in Python 3. It was tested on a windows machine and does not include unix-style headers. Click here if you wish to examine the source code without downloading and extracting the zip file.


This C++ program was written to use multiple files, multiple nested objects, and proper management of data in the heap. It includes a makefile and codeblocks files for cross-platform compiling using free software. If you wish to examine the source code, click here.


This Java program was written to demonstrate proper usage of inheritance and a GUI using Java. If you wish to examine the source code, click here.